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My Links

My Personal Preferences

  • Preference for the editor, default is the WYSIWYG editor. The options are raw, wysiwyg:
    • Set EDITMETHOD = wysiwyg

  • Fixed pulldown menu-bar, on or off. If off, the menu-bar hides automatically when scrolling.
    • Set FIXEDTOPMENU = off

  • Show tool-tip topic info on mouse-over of WikiWord links, on or off:

  • More preferences
    <--/twistyPlugin twikiMakeVisibleInline-->
    TWiki has system wide preferences settings defined in TWikiPreferences. You can customize preferences settings to your needs: To overload a system setting, (1) do a "raw view" on TWikiPreferences, (2) copy a Set VARIABLE = value bullet, (3) do a "raw edit" of your user profile page, (4) add the bullet to the bullet list above, and (5) customize the value as needed. Make sure the settings render as real bullets (in "raw edit", a bullet requires 3 or 6 spaces before the asterisk).

Related Topics

  • ChangePassword for changing your password
  • ChangeEmailAddress for changing your email address
  • UserList has a list of other TWiki users
  • UserDocumentationCategory is a list of TWiki user documentation
  • UserToolsCategory lists all TWiki user tools
  • Comment: Подать объявление без регистрации и без e-mail. Размещение объявлений о продаже и обмене недвижимости, автомобилей, техники и мебели бесплатно. Доска бесплатных объявлений ТоргОбмен это сервис для тех, кто планирует купить, продать, сдать в аренду, обменять или предложить свои услуги. На одной странице собраны актуальные предложения из разных регионов и городов. Новые актуальные объявления публикуются практически ежеминутно. Подать объявление можно за несколько минут. https://torgobmen.ru

META FORM name="%25SYSTEMWEB%25.UserForm"
FORM FIELD First Name FirstName torgobmen
FORM FIELD Last Name LastName ru
FORM FIELD Titles Titles
FORM FIELD Email Email
FORM FIELD Telephone Telephone
FORM FIELD Mobile Mobile
FORM FIELD Department Department
FORM FIELD Organization Organization
FORM FIELD URL URL https://torgobmen.ru
FORM FIELD Location Location
FORM FIELD Region Region
FORM FIELD Country Country Russia
FORM FIELD Image Image
FORM FIELD Image Image torgobmen.jpg
FORM FIELD Status Update StatusUpdate
META FILEATTACHMENT attachment="torgobmen.jpg" attr="h" comment="" date="1656739900" name="torgobmen.jpg" path="torgobmen.jpg" size="7917" user="torgobmen" version="1"
META PREFERENCE name="VIEW_TEMPLATE" title="VIEW_TEMPLATE" type="Local" value="UserView"
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