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What to Look For in a Heat Press Machine

Investing in a new heat press machine can be a daunting task for professional craftspeople and hobbyists alike. Depending on the size and scope of your projects, how often you plan to use the machine and how much you are willing to spend, itís important to do your research prior to shopping for a heat press. Weíve compiled a list of what to look for to ensure you are buying the best heat press machine for your needs and budget.

Even Heat Distribution

When shopping for a heat press machine, be sure to read reviews from actual customers so you can gauge the machineís performance. Your machine needs to provide consistent, even heat distribution across the platen for optimal results. Watch out for cheaper heat presses that may first appear to be a bargain, as these machines donít always manage heat distribution very well.

Even Pressure

The ability to distribute even pressure is right up there with heat distribution in terms of importance. Swing-away heat presses like this one do an excellent job of handling pressure, making them an ideal purchase for beginners and veterans alike.

Accurate Temperature

One of the best features of heat press machines is that you can set and control the temperature in a way that you just canít with a standard iron. When applying a heat transfer, it is essential to have the correct temperature settings for whatever material you are transferring to. Too little heat and you run the risk of the graphic peeling off after a couple of washes. Too much heat and your graphic will bleed into the fibers, giving it a pale, washed-out appearance. The best heat press machine will provide accurate temperature settings, giving you more control.

Ease of Use

Whether youíre just starting out or have done custom printing for some time, itís vital to have a heat press machine that is easy to use. Make sure that the heat press you purchase opens and closes easily, in a smooth, fluid motion, and that it is easy to position garments for precision placement of the graphics without burning yourself on the machine.

Size and Production Volume

The size of the heat press machine you choose should be compatible not only with the size of your workspace but the volume of your workload. If custom printing is your business and you plan to mass-produce garments on a daily or weekly basis, you will need a heavy-duty heat press machine that can handle this type of volume without losing heat. However, if custom heat transfers are just something you enjoy doing once in a while as a gift or a favor for friends and family, a smaller, less expensive heat press should work just fine.

Stay on the lookout for all of these qualities when choosing the best heat press machine for your needs, and youíll find exactly what youíre looking for!

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