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Improving Your Home With Amazing Home Theater Setup

Bring the thrill of the cinema into your home with a fully integrated media room or home theater. With over a decade of experience putting together jaw-dropping and floor-shaking home theater installation packages, Smarter Homes taps into the cutting-edge technology available for home integration.
Here are some of the most salient benefits of building the ultimate audio video space with Smarter Homes.

Superior Quality Audio and Visuals

At Smarter Homes, we incorporate the best the industry has to offer. We bring the undeniable difference that a movie theater has to offer into the comfort of your own home. We start with the basics: what kind of TV experience are you going for? For one, big-ticket items, like large screen TVs, are continually getting cheaper as amazing visual quality becomes a standard. Pete Sanford, the owner of Smarter Homes, says nothing compares to the fantastic color definition that LG's OLED (Organic LED) TV. Samsung's QLED TVs have also been getting a lot of attention as another competitor with the famed 4k.

But maybe you’re thinking big. “The Wall," which has many tiles that come together to create a super TV, makes for a sports experience like no other. One of the trends Sanford sees among his clients is the Epson level projector. The 13-foot throw distance has stood out as the entry-level choice. Denon audio receivers are a great addition to the media room, as well as Marantz. The good news is that the influx of technology companies in the home entertainment space means competitive pricing and plenty of price point options for consumers.
The way Sanford sees it: "The theater room has become the new living room."

Effortless Control

Gone are the days when you postpone a movie watching session or miss the beginning of a big game because you can’t navigate the input or wiring of your media room. A fully integrated technology set-up means switching inputs and adjusting levels is as easy as the push of a button. Not only that, you can control the rest of your home from your app-based control panel without having to get up and distract from your entertainment. That means adjusting temperature, lighting, door locks and more, all from the couch cushions of your home theater.

The way we make it all come together is via the fabulous control technology of RTI. They have mastered the simplicity of control and provide an abundance of options. If you’re a classic controller person, they’ve got it. If you’d rather keep it all digital and accessible from anywhere, the iPad-like panel is for you.

Custom Details

No matter what details you want to make your media room more you, Smarter Homes can make them happen. We offer custom lighting systems to create the ultimate movie watching environment. Consider a switch on your lighting panel that slowing dims the side lights in the classic cinema house fashion. Even line the stairs with LED strip lights. We work with CinemaTech to build custom seating, sound acoustics and installation, and floor, wall and ceiling design to truly give it that theater feel.

Distribute Video and Audio Throughout the House

Leaving the media room doesn’t have to mean missing the show. With integrated video and audio, you can distribute that media through any television and speakers throughout the house. That means playing the audio of the big game throughout the house so that whether guests are in front of the big screen or mingling on the back patio, they aren’t missing a thing.

-- Sesa Jani - 2020-10-12


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