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TWiki's TWiki web The TWiki web of TWiki. TWiki is a Web-Based Collaboration Platform for the Enterprise. http://charma.uprm.edu/twiki/bin/view/TWiki Copyright 2022 by contributing authors 2019-02-08T14:31:55Z DateTimePlugin http://charma.uprm.edu/twiki/bin/view/TWiki/DateTimePlugin 2019-02-08T14:31:55Z DateTimePlugin Introduction This plugin is an extension of the TWiki variable GMTIME{`format`} (that only allows to show the current date and time). DateTimePlugin... (last changed by TWikiAdminUser) TWikiAdminUser VarDATETIME http://charma.uprm.edu/twiki/bin/view/TWiki/VarDATETIME 2019-02-08T14:31:53Z DATETIME{`format`} date and time formatting and calculation Calculate date and time in the past or future, and format date and time. This variable is handled... (last changed by TWikiAdminUser) TWikiAdminUser RunTopicsAddOn http://charma.uprm.edu/twiki/bin/view/TWiki/RunTopicsAddOn 2019-01-25T15:29:07Z RunTopicsAddOn Motivation In some cases, TWikiVariables like ! (VarSEARCH) and ! (TreePlugin) can be very resource heavy. The VarCachePlugin allows us to cache these... (last changed by TWikiAdminUser) TWikiAdminUser GenPDFExampleTitleTopic http://charma.uprm.edu/twiki/bin/view/TWiki/GenPDFExampleTitleTopic 2019-01-23T15:36:04Z This page serves as the title page for documents created with .GenPDFAddOn. The content between the horizontal rules will be printed on the title page of the PDF document... (last changed by TWikiAdminUser) TWikiAdminUser GenPDFExampleHeaderFooterTopic http://charma.uprm.edu/twiki/bin/view/TWiki/GenPDFExampleHeaderFooterTopic 2019-01-23T15:36:04Z This page defines the headers and footers for documents generated by .GenPDFAddOn. See the HtmlDoc documentation for more info. If you want an image in the headers... (last changed by TWikiAdminUser) TWikiAdminUser GenPDFAddOn http://charma.uprm.edu/twiki/bin/view/TWiki/GenPDFAddOn 2019-01-23T15:36:03Z Generate PDF Add On Introduction This is a substantial re write of the TWiki:Codev.PrintUsingPDF pdf script. It essentially accomplishes the same goal but with more... (last changed by TWikiAdminUser) TWikiAdminUser GenPDFAddOnDemo http://charma.uprm.edu/twiki/bin/view/TWiki/GenPDFAddOnDemo 2019-01-23T15:36:02Z GenPDFAddOnDemo This is a sample document to show what can be achieved with the GenPDFAddOn Plugin. Here are some headings note that h1 level 1 headers always... (last changed by TWikiAdminUser) TWikiAdminUser ActionTrackerPlugin http://charma.uprm.edu/twiki/bin/view/TWiki/ActionTrackerPlugin 2015-12-30T22:16:17Z Action Tracker Plugin This plugin provides support for tracking actions embedded in topics. Actions captured this way can then be searched from any topic in the wiki... (last changed by TWikiAdminUser) TWikiAdminUser ActionTrackerPluginQBE http://charma.uprm.edu/twiki/bin/view/TWiki/ActionTrackerPluginQBE 2015-12-30T22:16:16Z Query by example action search Who: Notify: State: open late closed Within: days Web: Topic: Result: Related... (last changed by TWikiAdminUser) TWikiAdminUser DatePickerPlugin http://charma.uprm.edu/twiki/bin/view/TWiki/DatePickerPlugin 2015-12-30T22:16:15Z Date Picker Plugin Introduction The DatePickerPlugin handles an input field with a pop up calendar to select a date for use in TWiki forms and TWiki applications... (last changed by TWikiAdminUser) TWikiAdminUser VarDATEPICKER http://charma.uprm.edu/twiki/bin/view/TWiki/VarDATEPICKER 2015-12-30T22:16:07Z DATEPICKER{} pop up calendar to select a date for use in HTML forms The % DATEPICKER{ variable is handled by the DatePickerPlugin. Syntax: % DATEPICKER... (last changed by TWikiAdminUser) TWikiAdminUser VarCachePluginTest http://charma.uprm.edu/twiki/bin/view/TWiki/VarCachePluginTest 2015-12-30T22:03:45Z VarCachePlugin Test This topic contains a nested search, used to test the VarCachePlugin. The cache gets refreshed if older then 6 minutes (0.1 hours) Here is... (last changed by TWikiAdminUser) TWikiAdminUser VarVARCACHE http://charma.uprm.edu/twiki/bin/view/TWiki/VarVARCACHE 2015-12-30T22:03:45Z VARCACHE{ attributes } cache TWiki variables in selected topics for faster page rendering The % VARCACHE{ variable is handled by the VarCachePlugin.... (last changed by TWikiAdminUser) TWikiAdminUser VarCachePlugin http://charma.uprm.edu/twiki/bin/view/TWiki/VarCachePlugin 2015-12-30T22:03:45Z Variable Cache Plugin Overview This Plugin caches TWiki variables in selected topics for faster page rendering. Most topics in a typical TWiki installation are rendered... (last changed by TWikiAdminUser) TWikiAdminUser GnuPlotPlugin http://charma.uprm.edu/twiki/bin/view/TWiki/GnuPlotPlugin 2015-12-11T22:36:12Z GnuPlotPlugin Syntax Rules Just add % GNUPLOT{`PlotName` anywhere in the page where you want the plot to appear and save the topic Multiple plots... (last changed by TWikiAdminUser) TWikiAdminUser GnuPlotHelp http://charma.uprm.edu/twiki/bin/view/TWiki/GnuPlotHelp 2015-12-11T22:36:06Z GNUPLOT Help Related: GnuPlotPlugin (last changed by TWikiAdminUser) TWikiAdminUser
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