Corn Nutrition Facts And Health Benefits

1. Corn can reduce inflammation

Corn Health Benefits - The proteins and plant chemicals in corn protect the body from inflammatory substances. Corn gluten is one of these proteins. Flavonoids and anthocyanins inhibit the activation of various inflammatory genes and cellular mechanisms.

According to research, corn can also reduce constipation, asthma, arthritis, irritable bowel disease, GERD, and dermatitis.

2. Corn silk helps you lose weight

Corn silk has many essential flavonoids, tannins, saponins, alkaloids, and cytosterols along with calcium, potassium, and magnesium.

These phytochemicals in corn silk control fat accumulation and fat cell differentiation. At the same time, it regulates the rate of fatty acid dissociation and the gene that controls fatty acid metabolism. This can potentially help you lose weight.

But corn is rich in sugars and carbohydrates, so it doesn’t go well with weight loss.

3. Corn can prevent anemia

Corn contains a lot of vitamin B12, iron, and folate. Deficiency of these nutrients can cause anemia.

A drop in hemoglobin levels can lead to various developmental problems. Anemic children can experience growth disorders, cognitive development disorders, and weakened immune systems.

Iron carries oxygen and nutrients and plays an important role in energy metabolism and menstruation.

Corn is nutritionally rich in iron.

Adding corn to your diet can solve problems especially related to anemia in children and women. The optimal iron content of the body is also essential for the health of the eyes, hair and skin.

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-- Sonali AVerma - 2021-12-02


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