Nutrition Facts And Health Benefits of Kiwano (Horned Melon)

Kiwano Melon or Horned Melon health benefits include improving digestion, neutralizing free radicals, preventing cancer, slowing the aging process, relieving stress, improving visibility, and strengthening bones. Other benefits include promoting cognitive function, strengthening hair follicles, improving skin, maintaining heart health, promoting brain health, treating iron deficiency, curing diabetes, helping heatstroke recovery, strengthening muscles and decrease the risk of obesity.

What is Kiwano Melon or Horned Melon?

The kiwano melon or horned melon (Cucumis metuliferus) has an orange skin and spikes on its outer surface, but is pulpy on the inside. Due to its physical appearance, the fruit looks quite similar to a kiwi, but there is no scientific evidence of any biological similarity between the two.

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