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A Periodic Look at the California Lottery

What are the chances of profitable the lottery? If the lottery is a forty nine/6 recreation (i.e. selecting 6 numbers out of forty nine numbers), the percentages are 1 in 14 million (one in 13,983,816 to be exact). I would like to show you that for the california lottery, the chances of winning a jackpot of $1 million or more are 1 in 36 million.

Statistics about winning tickets can be found from the official website of the California Lottery. But one has to do some digging to get the information (I searched at the Lucky Retailer Search). There are 58 counties in California. I simply searched for the 58 counties one after the other. Only 28 of the counties had successful tickets. Since the inception of the California Lottery 25 years in the past, there were 247 successful tickets as of November 1, 2010.

Here’s the summary data. All of these 247 tickets paid out $1 million or extra. The largest jackpot was $one hundred ten million. The earliest successful ticket was on three/21/1987, purchased from a retailer in Imperial County. The most recent one was on 10/9/2010, bought from a retailer in Ventura County. The sum of all the profitable amounts for these 247 tickets was $four,535,519,264 (about $4.5 billion). Thus each winning ticket prize was, on average, $18,362,426 (about $18 million).

So there are about 250 profitable tickets that paid $1 million or extra within the 25 years of history of the California Lottery. On common, there were about 10 winners a 12 months. If you don't think that the percentages are infinitesimally small, learn on.

By legislation, the California Lottery has to pay out no less than 50% of the income as profitable. The total successful amount for these 247 tickets was $4.5 billion. This implies that the $4.5 billion in winnings was paid out from the sales of $9 billion worth of tickets (equivalently 9 billion tickets since the ticket worth was $1).

So out of 9 billion tickets bought, there were about 250 winners. Thus the percentages of successful are 250 in 9 billion or 1 in 0.036 billion (9/250=0.036). The odds of 1 in 36 million followed from the next translation.

They declare that there have been 2,842,467,062 (2.eight billion) profitable tickets since 1985. How does this quantity sq. with the 247 tickets that I found? I wrote about this level in a earlier post called Shining a lightweight on the California Lottery. Except for 247 tickets, these tickets paid out small prizes (on common slightly below $10). Their information is appropriate however can provide the impression that there are many millionaires running around (could possibly be as many as half the world’s population)!

The traditional refrain of many lotto gamers is that you must purchase a ticket in order to win. Winning is desirable for sure. In the case of mega lotto jackpot such as the games of Mega Million and SuperLottoPlus within the California Lottery, you need to buy hundreds of thousands of tickets before you've a practical chance of winning (might very properly be 36 million tickets). If you treat the sport of lottery as a money making alternative or a method to become an prompt millionaire, you better depend the cost. Some play the lottery for its entertainment worth and the thrill. If you spend a small sum every week shopping for tickets for the huge jackpots, the leisure value is about the one profit you'll obtain from enjoying.

Top beneficial lottery offers vendor lottery corner one of the corporations. If you win a giant prize, it is best for you. The lottery corner is really small but it could possibly relatively give you a bonus in your lottery stakes.

-- Rosellakruse Nayak - 2021-02-24


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