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Halting COVID-19: The Benefits and Risks of Digital Contact Tracing - IEEE  Spectrum

We are well aware of the pandemic like COVID-19 that is going on and is halting our lives at a drastic level. We are locked at home and many businesses are also suffering due to the lockdown. One such sector that is suffering is retail.

Hence, the companies need the app or software that can work as the out-of-the-box and self-services. It is to ensure that the customer’s and company’s requirements are covered up properly while driving in the revenue during these difficult times as well.

We are not just saying that the self-service apps are a huge hit for the companies but they are a great way to thrive genuinely. There are more than 5.19 billion mobile app users with the global sales of the eCommerce market reaching up to $3.43 trillion.

Apart from this, the total users between the age of 16-24 are estimated to be 66% in total with most of them spending time on eCommerce apps. However, with these statistics, it is clear that the eCommerce and retail apps are still popular in the market but how are you going to grab the attention of these again for the business world?

Let us explain the self-service mobile apps benefits to give you a better understanding of it in the retail world.

#1 POS/Mobile Payments

The major benefit of self-service apps is lower transaction costs that retailers can implement. This allows them to reach potential customers easily through the easy payment option. It helps in saving up the purchase of expensive POS that can go over the cost. However, it is best to implement POS during the development process only. The Mobile App Development Company can easily integrate the POS while building the application.
It is a convenient way for the customers to shop and enjoy their doorstep delivery. Earlier, the credit or debit card payments come up with the extra fees that were paid by the retailers. However, with online mobile payments and in-store payment methods, it is easily eliminated.

#2 Sales Support

Next comes the support to the sales services that can be obtained easily with self-services. The online apps are nothing like going to the shop and a salesperson attending all your needs. The users can simply search what they want and check on the colors, or other essential requirements. Once sufficient, they can finalize the purchase by the checkout mode. This self-services app can help in increasing sales while ensuring that the potential customer’s demands are met. Additionally, the customers can check on the current discounts, stock items, and the best thing is that they don’t have to visit the store.

#3 Loyalty Programs

Retailers can also take advantage of the reward or loyalty program that allows them to interact with customers and hook them. This works as a benchmark in the retail industry since it develops the bond with the customers with a good program. These types of programs increase customer purchases in the race of earning more rewards and gaining brand loyalty. This reaches the maximum loyalty benefits for the customers that can help in attracting them and as a result generating more income.

#4 Analytics

Another but major benefit of the self-service app is gaining a lot of customer’s attention while focusing upon the user experience. This helps in increasing the experience of users so that they can make exceptional purchases. It is a great way to analyze the data and come up with accurate information that can be helpful for the business/ additionally, this data can help in setting up the marketing campaigns and business initiatives that make the investment worthwhile.
The data is collected randomly without any fixed sources that give a different view on the source that helps in making better decisions. Additionally, it also helps iOS, Android, and Xamarin developers to come up with a solution that can help in increasing return on investment.

#5 Geo-Location Targeting

The geo-location is one of the most important features of mobile apps in the present time. It is becoming extremely popular over time since it helps in boosting revenue and overall cost reductions. Apart from this, there are major other features like location, camera, and contact that must be connected with the mobile app that help in targeting the audience easily. This is a great way to know the location with the geo-targets ads, promotional retailers deals, location-based content, etc.

These are the top benefits to opt for the self-servicing mobile apps that can be a plus point for the business owners. Additionally, it is a way that helps retailers to know the business, boost sales, focus on customer requirements, etc. As a result, it is a great way to increase the shopping experience and streamlines business processes while making it more personalized.

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