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A WargaQQ account is a necessity for security and safety when using PKV Games. It is not to create any inconvenience. WargaQQ is simply a payment processing method similar to other secure payment methods that are online right now globally. Since it is available to Indonesian sites, and can also be used for other global customers, it is a good choice for pkvgames.

This payment processing system is safe and secure and only requires a few steps to enroll. It can accept bank drafts, e-checks, and also other types of payments, and this is all explained under the Deposits Page on pkvgames. A rundown of how to start an account, a link to WargaQQ, and explanations on amounts of deposits required as well the processes of approval and the processes of payouts are explained in detail. WargaQQ is an official partner of PKV Games and was chosen for its ability to accept bank deposits and payment methods from many sources within Indonesia.

PKV Games, however, is expanding globally, and a reliable payment processor was needed, therefore WargaQQ was chosen. An initial deposit will be needed, and it may take a day or two for WargaQQ to approve the account information.

Globally banks are only open limited hours, and ‘business day’ rules apply, meaning deposits generated on a Friday will not usually show until the following Monday, depending upon location. If a customer starts a WargaQQ account and it is not possible to process the account immediately, a notice will appear on the dashboard of the pkvgames site, which shows that the deposit is in the queue.

Once approved it is easy to top off an account and view deposits and withdrawals right from the pkvgames site dashboard. Customers can have access then to real-time statistics and are never left wondering if they have enough money in their account or when they can withdraw. Again, this partnership with WargaQQ assists in security and customer service as has been explained in other articles.

This setup with the payment processor does not impede play, however, as once an account is started with PKV Games, then many bonuses apply and might be already in a customer’s account and viewable through the dashboard. The account withdrawals and top-ups of deposits are the reason for the payment processing, and customers that have bonuses can play using those while awaiting approval on their payment method.

PKV Games offers tons of initial bonuses and bonus play games. Although standard card games are popular so are other games such as Jackpot Poker, Jackpot Dominoes, and Adaqq, which make it all the more interesting for players. All involve jackpot bonuses so it is possible to play before the payment processing account is approved.

Adaqq is a recent addition to PKV Games and becoming more popular each day. It is a multi-player game, and although it does require a separate download from a separate server, the action is fast. It is easy to learn, however, and players quickly get caught up in the thrill of this game. It is also compatible, as are all the games on pkvgames with IOS and Android appliances and with some of the slower and older technologies out there. Since Adaqq play uses its own servers lag time is minimal.

Adaqq also provides its payment processing separate from pkvgames. If someone chooses only to play and fund Adaqq games that is possible and an account to use Adaqq game apps can be set up separately. Adaqq has many followers that are only searching for this type of play, especially in Indonesia, and the payment processor is also well linked with Indonesian banks and other types of payments. E-checks can be used through both pkvgames and Adaqq alone, or together and this is the fastest method of processing any deposits or withdrawals.

Adaqq provides routlette and slots games and so is a great addition to pkvgames as these are also sought after by card players. When signing up, on the tab at the top of the Adaqq page, under LIST, the Daftar questionnaire appears and Daftar is known for its reliability and quick resolution of accounts. A few simple questions and a quck download of the separate Adaqq app has customers playing quickly and easily. Join everything you can on pkvgames and enjoy more online gaming than ever before!

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