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Mimosa Hostilis Root Bark Dye

Mimosa hostilis is also called as Jurema Preta and Mimosa tenuiflora in Brazil where this bark is sourced from. All of our Mimosa hostilis roots bark dye comes from a sustainable farm that does not use chemical fertilizers or pesticides, making it effectively organic. We regularly test to assure a continually a high-standard product.

Mimosa hostilis root bark is one of the famous and natural dyes helpful for tie dying clothing, and using mimosa hostilis root bark for your crafts and arts outside of tie dying is fully eco-friendly since the dye itself is just created using the bark of the tree, and considering bark is like skin in that it regrows itself after a some period of time. For any projects where you are looking for earthy browns, reds, and purples, mimosa hostilis root bark is without a doubt the excellent choice for the eco-conscious tie dryer.

With its medical features are one of the key reasons it has remained well-known within the Mayan cultures and other indigenous tribes over the millennia, it has number of other uses.

Where to buy Mimosa hostilis root bark

There are number of vendors selling mimosa hostilis root bark. There are some reputable internet vendors of quality MHRB out there who buy the bark from the suppliers in Brazil and Mexico. They then import the bark to the America and then re-sell the bark for a profile. This forever ends up costing the consumer more than it should as the majority of the price is the profit of the vendor for offering this service.

To promise you get the highest standard MHRB, take the time to find a real supplier who sells authentic mimosa hostilis root bark which has been newly harvested by them personally which can be shipped directly to you without any 3rd party being involved in the transaction. In dealing with the real supplier of MHRB you can be sure that you are purchasing real mimosa hostilis. Online vendors who are not suppliers may not be selling real bark to you. When dealing with an online vendors, there is no way to promise if the product is fresh or if it has been sitting in a warehouse for many weeks or even months before you get it.

End words

When buying direct from a real supplier, the top bet is almost forever in buying powdered MHRB. This is because powered bark is far more potent than the full bark since it has been powered and filtered removing any impurities which are unavoidably found in even the highest standard whole bark.

-- Johorlal Dash - 2021-11-02


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