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Is a Childcare or Preschool Franchise Opportunity the Right Choice of Business for You?

For many individuals it is, but there are factors to keep in mind when deciding if you want to start a successful childcare or preschool franchise business. First in mind would be the initial investment in the franchise. While less costly than opening a fast-food chain there is an investment that must be made. This is not just a monetary investment either. It is an emotional and time investment, as like all businesses it must be attended to almost daily. Even when closed, owners must realize that paperwork can consume their spare time, as well as spending time at the empty facility to oversee the safety of the facility. Inspections will also need to be done routinely, and most inspectors do not inspect facilities while the occupants are inside. Either evenings or weekend hours are when the most inspections will occur, so it is realistic to expect that owning a childcare or preschool franchise will mean evening and weekend work many times. However, a good franchise opportunity will address these issues with you before you open and will provide advice on how to proceed with an inspection as quickly and compliantly as possible.

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You will need to realize that starting a successful childcare or preschool franchise will take time and energy commitment. There is no other way around this part as although less of a time and energy commitment than starting your facility without guidance and the tools offered by a franchise, it is still a deep commitment. The larger the franchise, the more assistance you will get with all the intricacies involved and this will save you time and energy. Also, the larger the franchise, the more in-depth the training to you will be. A good franchise will also allow you to pick how large or how small you want the daycare or preschool to be. While most preschools, because of state law, cannot be run from your home, daycares many times can, but there will also be regulations. Regulations will include enough space, enough safety equipment such as hard-wired smoke detectors, fire extinguishers, and cots and mats for napping or even cribs if taking in young children. All equipment must meet standards of safety even if you use your own home for the daycare facility.

Even if using your own home, in all likelihood you will need employees. It is impossible to attend to more than one crying or upset child at a time, and undivided attention is needed for each child. Criminal background checks must be run for any employees even if you are using family members as employees. You also will need background checks to even open. Background checks are notoriously slow in being processed for individuals but being part of a large franchise many times can and will speed up this process. A daycare franchise opportunity can assist and step in with guidance and even contact agencies on your behalf. When background checks take too long, employees can quit, and you, the owner will not be able to stay open.

A big portion of individuals who open a daycare or preschool does not look carefully into the safety and security or the need for background checks. They advertise a bit, throw open the doors and then find a notice from their local or state government that they have unknowingly violated certain codes that are in place. Joining a well-known franchise with years of experience in daycare and preschool business success is a much better way to enter this field than the DIY (Do It Yourself) manner. Even if you unknowingly violate a law there will almost certainly be penalties as the welfare of children is of prominence. Owning a successful childcare or preschool franchise is very rewarding but it does take knowledge and determination. Going it alone in this type of business is NOT advised as too many of these types of businesses collapse into failure within the first year without the backing of a franchise. The moving parts of this type of business are many and miss even one aspect and you have wasted time, money, and effort.

Do not allow your dreams of owning a daycare or preschool facility to evaporate. Use the skill, knowledge, and support you will receive from joining a franchise and you will soon find yourself the proud owner of a daycare or preschool that you not only enjoy but that your clients, the children, and their parents enjoy! There is no end to the absolute sense of accomplishment and pride you will feel when owning a daycare or preschool. If you love children, there is an immense opportunity waiting for you with a franchise and you can realize your dreams more quickly than you ever realized.

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