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League of Legends and League of Legends Build Calculators

When you look the internet in search of amazing games to play today, youll realize that there are so many available options that you are yet to explore. However, not all of these available options will offer the type of experience that you are hoping for. Among the diverse games available to play, League of Legends is one of the most popular and is widely played globally.

Therefore, if you are looking for a game with amazing graphics, sound, and the best gaming experience, then you might want to consider playing League of Legends, which is often referred to as LoL. As mentioned earlier, the game is very popular and widely played in different parts of the world today. Riot Games developed this amazing game with different features, including the diverse gaming modes, opponents, and strategies that you can utilize. There are so many amazing things to note about this game, and as a beginner, this article will guide you through the most important things you shouldnt miss out on.

League of Legends: Mobile may be unveiled at Riot's 10-year anniversary  event - Dot Esports

Game Objectives

In this game, teams work together to destroy enemy Nexus before theirs get destroyed. One unique thing about league of legends is its complexity. The game offers a fast-paced gameplay, and this is accompanied by different strategies. What distinguishes skilled players is their ability to destroy any opponent they face. Victory is the ultimate goal to achieve when playing League of Legends.

Playing League of Legends

There are several maps in the game, but the most commonly used and popular map is Summoners Rift. At the beginning of each gaming round, teams place their players in different parts of this region to battle with their opposition. Players battle their opposition with the aim of gaining full control. There are so make tasks for players to complete as they advance in the game. This includes collecting minions in the game, eliminating opposition champions, and removing opposition turrets in the game. It is worth mentioning that these turrets offer protection for the opposition side on the map.

As you advance in the game, each player earns golds as they complete gaming objectives. Players can use the gold for powerup features that will benefit their champion or to gain more control in the game. Securing victory is a lot easier with these powerup features.


At the beginning of each game, every player is asked to select their preferred characters from a list of 140 playable characters in the game. These characters are known as Champion, and they come with unique personalities, abilities, and strengths. The appearances of these champions also vary a lot. Some look fantastical, while others are human-like.


One of the major advancements of the game is its Esports community, which remains among the largest in the world. Fans from different parts of the world watch their favorite players and teams compete against each other yearly. One amazing thing about the championship is the similarity it shares with sports teams. This includes high-level competitions and salaried players.

League of Legends StatCalculator

These are LOL build calculators that are suited for all questions relating to league of legends stats. With the calculator, you can know the stat effects of the possible rune and build combinations. The flexibility offered by this calculator is first to none. With this, you can easily alter champion levels, as well as their ability levels. The aim is to easily determine items that should be leveled first. League of Legends stat calculator is also perfect for beginners because it makes it a lot easier for beginners to fully understand the gaming numbers, which is appropriate for effective decision making.

Here are some things to note


There are Situational stats in the game, and an example of this is the Warmogs Heart. It is worth mentioning that these stats are not usually factors into calculations, especially when base items are used. There are a few criteria to meet in order to increase these stats, which is why they are not factors into calculations.


In the lol builds , some champions are more complex than other champions. This is a result of the way they interact with stats, as well as their complex abilities. This is why only a few champions are features in build calculators. However, with time, all the champions will be added to build calculators. It is important to note that the process of adding these champions is an ongoing one that requires a lot of time to complete. League of Legends remains popular for many reasons. Asides from the features of the game, there are so many tools that you can use to enhance your gaming experience, and this includes build optimizers and build calculators.

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