The Right Use of Social Media

Social Media web sites have taken over the net drastically and this has affected internet developers/ designers everywhere. With the success of sites like Twitter, Reddit, Digg and so forth many developers have began to adapt social media quality options into their very own web sites. Following is the record of the necessary options of a social media web site:

User account and login

This is the most typical and important characteristic of a social networking website. There can be varied methods for organising a person management system. It all is determined by factors similar to - what language do you want to build your website in? How many levels of access do you want? Do you need to use a pre-current answer or create a new one?

For a extra nice tuned technique, PHP is one of the best to construct an authentication system. You also can use Content Management Systems (CMS) like Drupal when you want to spend less time. Other CMS like Joomla and Wordpress can also be used.

Invite a pal

Social media = viral. One of the most effective ways to go viral is by the "invite your fiend" script. This can either assist you to discover and hyperlink contacts who are already member of the social media web site or invite contacts who aren't part of the social media web site. Having your users promote your product is one of the simplest ways of promoting (and is free as nicely).

Activity Stream

Facebook was the first one to introduce exercise streams to their person profiles. After that the idea has gone mainstream. This characteristic on a web site provides lots of engagement ("sticky" factor) and keeps visitors for longer. Joomla has a person feed plugin to add this feature to your website. You can even use Drupal which uses an activity stream module to accomplish this.

Recommendation Engine

All of us have come throughout "People you might know" and "really helpful friends" function on a social networking website. This is an excellent method to improve engagement and exercise. The feature may be built on the slope one algorithm (Drupal has this function).

Private Messaging

The usability of private messaging lies someplace between emails and real time immediate messaging. It's a easy layer of functionality that makes speaking across a web site easier, and the most effective part is that it is already constructed-in to many CMS scripts.


Digg drives a big portion of their traffic from voting widgets (digs) that individuals can place on their on website (tweet for twitter, share this for Facebook and so on). By including a widget to your social networking site you're rising its viral factor. The widget usually derives from a simple piece of JavaScript (or Flash) and could be made utilizing RSS feeds or API calls.

Multiple Ways of Viewing Data

Adding helpful navigation that highlights alternative ways of viewing information like tales and statuses increases clicks in your website. Example: Popular tales in last 24 hours, upcoming tales, popular tales in last one year etc. Everyone has totally different perspectives and allowing folks selection in viewing your website is an incentive to maintain them coming back.

-- Jagu Pradhan - 2020-10-24


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