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Funny Joke Sites - How to Submit Web Jokes to Popular Sites For Money

Funny joke sites are a great way to blow off steam after work or school. Humorous situations call us to relax and we can use the power of the web to do just that. Here are some tips to make funny jokes Hispanic and even have your friends over to tell them.

First, you will want to make sure you have a nice selection of joke sites to choose from. Many sites are only available for certain countries or in certain time zones, so make sure you have access to these sites. The last thing you want is to host an offensive joke site and have it pulled by a search engine. That is not fun!

Second, you should look for a site with many categories. A site devoted to funny jokes for African Americans may not have many African American categories and vice versa. Variety is key when it comes to hosting your web log.

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Third, don't just settle for one or two sites. If you want a steady stream of content, you need a lot of sites like this. There are many types of people out there who like to share their thoughts with others. By using a site like this, you will have access to a lot of different people. This makes your site's audience larger.

Fourth, you want to make sure your content is clean. Funny sites like My Space and Facebook have rules about what you can and cannot put up on your page. Many times, these sites will have a problem with offensive material, but that does not mean you cannot have any funny material. You can put up pictures, jokes, or just say things in your profile that you think are funny. Just make sure it does not break any of the rules of the site where you are going to post it.

Fifth, never assume you can be funny just because you are starting out in your career as a stand-up comic. The world of stand-up comedy has progressed a great deal in the past few years. While there are still some jokes that will get a punch at your expense, there are plenty of opportunities to be funny and get the crowd's laughs. Try new things and see what works for you.

Sixth, do not just post your funny joke sites and expect people to find them. There are people out there who spend their days trying to come up with new and exciting ways to make your content available. If you only post your sites when you are ready to, you won't get the exposure you are after. Be active and be consistent.

Seventh, use sites that other funny joke sites have. By doing this, you can get other comedians to bring their sites to your site and in turn, you can get more exposure for your site. This is a very simple way to generate traffic to your site as well as boost your search engine rankings. The more sites you have, the better.

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Also, be careful what type of content you are sharing on your site. Don't just post anything and take any submissions. This will put you at risk of getting your site shut down. If you have other material posted, such as reviews or testimonials, make sure that they are professional and written by someone with experience. You don't want to send out your funny jokes and then have your website taken down for providing a bad review or making up fake information.

You can also use sites like Furl, Smilebox, and My Space to get your jokes seen by thousands of people within minutes. These sites offer free one-time submissions as well as paid submissions which can be worth the time and effort. Many people will not bother with submitting their joke to a site like Furl, Smilebox, or My Space, but doing so will put your funny joke at a much higher position for possible downloads. Sites like these are used more often, so putting your link on their site can get your link more exposure.

Finally, don't forget to build links from other websites. You can do this by leaving your web address on other websites, or by leaving a note on your blog telling people to pass your URL on to others. For example, if you have a web site about gardening, then you could leave a link to a gardening related blog. If you have a web site about jokes, you could leave a link to a joke site. By doing this, you will be able to expose your funny joke to many different audiences in a short period of time.

Funny sites can be a fun and exciting place to get your jokes seen. It takes a little bit of work, but in the end it can be well worth it. There are plenty of sites like Furl, Smilebox, and My Space out there that you can submit your web jokes to, and there are plenty more that you can find on search engines. By doing the work necessary to get your site noticed, you will be able to take your business to the next level and bring in lots of money! Good luck!

-- Dunelm Barkley - 2021-06-11


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