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Procedural Posture

Appellant lessor challenged a ruling of the Superior Court from the City and County of San Francisco (California), which entered a judgment in favor of respondent, the lessee's assignee, and held that the lease provision providing for the forfeiture of the lessee's security deposit for nonpayment of rent or nonperformance of a lease covenant was void. The assignee had filed an action against the lessor seeking to recover the security deposit.

Overview: covenant of good faith and fair dealing california

A lessor and a lessee executed a lease for certain premises, which, although was constructed as a lodging house, the lessor knew and consented to the lessee's intended use as a prostitution house. Under the lease, the lessee would be released from rent payment if the building was not ready for occupancy on a certain date and that the lessee would pay a deposit to guarantee rent. The lessee would forfeit the deposit in the event that he failed to pay rent. The building was not completed, and the lessee refused to make rent payment. The lessor obtained a judgment against the lessee in an unlawful detainer action. The lessee's assignee then sought to recover the deposit. The superior court held in favor of the assignee that the agreement was not void because the lessee had abandoned the intended purpose. On appeal, the court affirmed the judgment and held that: (1) the forfeiture clause was void because it constituted either a penalty or liquidated damages; (2) in filing a detainer action instead of applying the deposit to the rent, the lessor repudiated and waived his right to retain the deposit; and (3) as such, he held the deposit as bailee for the lessee's use, due on demand.


The court affirmed the superior court's judgment, which entered a judgment in favor of the lessee and held that the lease provision providing for the forfeiture of the lessee's security deposit for nonpayment of rent or nonperformance of a lease covenant was void, in the action of the lessee's assignee against the lessor to recover the security deposit.


Best british abstract art for sale

Abstract art has been around for well over a century. Some argue that abstraction began with cave drawings thousands of years ago, and that it has withstood shifting art trends, manifestos, and testimony for all these millennia. You may love abstract art, despise it, or have no idea what it is, but if you're reading this, I'm guessing you're intrigued about this confusing art style that defies categorization and aesthetic Classification. Here in this article you will come to know about a british artist Sarah. She is basically well known for her abstract art for sale. She is just perfect at her work.

Media used in her Art

Sarah is so elegant and hardworking, She puts her great effort in this work. Basically she uses mixed media in order to manufacture the textured art. You can also customise this abstract art work according to your desirable color and size. No doubt british art is always the first choice all over the world.

Speciality of Sarah’s Abstract Art

You will be surprised to hear that all her work is totally original and hand painted. She uses a wooden frame and all her work is done on high quality stretched canvas. She is just perfect in her work. Because all her handmade pieces are British original in their development. And after manufacturing all these British abstract art for sale, they are presented with a certificate of authenticity and is also signed by the artist.

Abstract Art for Sale

Sarah's original art is available for sale on her website. You can easily purchase all these original art pieces. In addition , you can also customize work according to your own choice. Customization can be of various colors and sizes. Some of her works, like abstract sea paintings, a metallic art piece, and a contemporary sea piece are not available on the website. You can purchase these on her instagram account. You can also find her work in modern abstract art canvasses on instagram.

How to contact her?

You can contact her through her website and instagram. Before order, you have to allow them 7-10 working days before dispatch. Abstract work available in stock will also be marked as available on her website. And for door to door service it takes 48 hours which is direct from her studio. You can also contact her easily through her phone number 07920104998 and through her business email artby@sarahberger.co.uk. Most importantly you can do shipping all over the world. Isn't that amazing.

Final thoughts

If you are an abstract art lover and also want perfect and elegant work. Then Sarah’s work is the best ever. Her style, her hard work and passion towards her work make her unique. British art is the one that is loved by everyone. Sarah’s hand painted , then authenticity certificates and sign of the artist is an adorable thing in her work. I must say you will never find perfect work like this. I personally suggest that all of you guys must check out her website, if you are in search of abstract art for sale. I bet you will definitely fall in love with her work. Now for what you are waiting for guys just go and visit her website and get your own abstract art.

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