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Gas mask: what is it and what is it for

A gas mask is an individual means of human protection designed to preserve the respiratory system from exposure to harmful and hazardous substances, chemical vapors and compounds or nuclear dust in the surrounding atmosphere in the form of gases, vapors or aerosols.Important! Unlike a standard respirator, the bulky rubber mask additionally protects the eyes and skin on the person's face.In what cases is a gas mask used:

  • household work in which it is necessary to provide respiratory protection, for example, with solvents, chemicals;
  • in extreme emergencies;
  • for work underground, in closed rooms or containers;
  • in military conflicts with the use of toxic substances;
  • releases of radioactive, bacterial substances into the air as a result of emergency explosions at enterprises.
Each type of gas mask has a mask that partially or completely covers the face, leaving a panoramic part or glasses for viewing. The protective mask is equipped with a breathing element made in the form of a filter or compressor.Also, the main components in the device include valves for free inhalation and exhalation, an interphone for communication. Also you can find out where to buy gas masks.
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