Production and Spectroscopy
Heavy Quark Decays
CP Violation and Mixing
D and B Rare Decays
Kaon and Hyperon Decays
Lepton Decays
Neutrino Oscillations

  Angel López, Univ. of Puerto Rico, USA
Ikaros Bigi, Univ. of Notre Dame, USA
Brad Cox, Univ. of Virginia, USA
Stephan Paul, T.U. Muenchen, Germany
Stefano Bianco, INFN-Frascati, Italy
Konrad Kleinknecht, Univ. Mainz, Germany
Giancarlo D'Ambrosio, INFN-Napoli, Italy
Franco L. Fabbri, INFN-Frascati, Italy
Alberto Reis, CBPF, Brazil
Gianpaolo Bellini, Univ. Milano, Italy
Joel Butler, Fermilab, USA
Peter Dornan, Imperial College London, UK
Vera Luth, SLAC, USA
Hitoshi Yamamoto, Tohoku Univ., Japan
Ritchie Patterson, Cornell Univ., USA
Adam Para, Fermilab, USA
Franco Grancagnolo, INFN-Lecce, Italy

The HQ&L series of Conferences was initiated in Frascati, Italy, in 1993.

Following editions were held in Charlottesville, USA, in 1994, St. Goar, Germany in 1996, Fermilab, USA, in 1998, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, in 2000 and Vietri, Italy, in 2002.

  Héctor Mendez, University of Puerto Rico
Eduardo Ramirez, University of Puerto Rico
Jose Nieves, University of Puerto Rico
Sandra Troche, University of Puerto Rico

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